Founded in 2000, Whitehall Benefits provides long-term care and disability insurance benefits to corporations and individuals.

When adding the best disability and long-term care coverage to your portfolio, it pays to work with specialists. 

Our Expertise

We serve a national clientele.
Large companies to small private firms, including individuals, legal and medical practices.

We conduct a comprehensive survey of the market before making recommendations. you can be confident that you’re getting the best combination of rates and benefits.
  • We’ve been providing disability and long-term care planning services for 30 years.

  • We work with small firms, large firms and individuals.

  • We start with a comprehensive market survey to make certain you get the right coverage at the right price.

  • We take an educational approach. We want clients to understand their benefits options and know what they’re buying.

  • We specialize in creative plan design. Our custom plans are thoughtfully designed to meet the special needs of your organization.


Don Hurwitz, CLU, Principal - Disability and Life Specialist

Don has been a disability income specialist over 30 years. He has assisted hundreds of individuals and businesses in meeting their disability income needs. Don has been a member of the Top of the Table, an exclusive forum of the world's top financial service professionals. A graduate of Vanderbilt University, Don is licensed with approximately 30 major insurance companies in 49 states and located in Nashville, TN.

For more information about Disability and Life Insurance, contact Don at don@whitehallbenefits.com 

Dalih Suchet, CLTC, LTCP Co-Founder & President

Dalih Suchet wants every client she works with to enjoy the same sense of protection, assurance, and peace of mind that comes from protecting their most important assets: their families and themselves. She feels most rewarded when distilling complex financial information into an easy-to-understand roadmap that allows her clients to make informed decisions and enhance their long-term financial security.

Born in South Africa and raised in several cities in the United States, Dalih came to Nashville right after earning her B.A. in public speaking and communications from Liberty University. Prior to Whitehall Benefits, Dalih was in sales and marketing of an international distribution company for film editing equipment .  In 2000, she co-founded Whitehall Benefits to help both corporations and individuals find long-term care insurance plans that match their budget and their goals.

One of only a few long-term care specialists in Nashville, Dalih has access to traditional and hybrid insurance plans. This gives her the flexibility to customize plans, as well as collaborate with financial advisors and other industry professionals. She begins by listening to individual’s needs and objectives. She then analyzes the gaps in their coverage and researches the best-in-class options. The result is a succinct yet comprehensive executive summary that eschews jargon, makes challenging information accessible, and puts people on the path toward long-term financial security.

Dalih has been tapped as an expert source for several articles (such as this story from The Tennessean), and enjoys public speaking on business issues. She has founded two business networking organizations, and is on the Board and Development Committee with Leadership Middle Tennessee (class of 2018), member of downtown Nashville Rotary Club, member of the National Association for Long-term Care Insurance and has been an active volunteer with Junior Achievement. Dalih lives in Nashville with her husband and daughters, Margot (20) and Alexandra (16).

For information about Long-Term Care Insurance, contact Dalih at dalih@whitehallbenefits.com

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