Disability Insurance

Protecting your Income if You Can’t Work

Surviving Isn’t the Same as Thriving.

After they have been disabled, many people find they can’t do the same things they did before – including work. Their skills, their strength, their stamina – any and all may be impaired.That’s why disability insurance (DI) is so important. It can help tide you over until you’re recovered and ready to return to work. After being disabled it can provide on-going payments if you can’t return to work – or to a job that was as lucrative as your old one.

WHITEHALL BENEFITS offers you the benefit of over 31 years of highly specialized disability insurance experience. They are fluent with various strategies – ranging from group to individual programs, sometimes combining the best of both to build a comprehensive program.

WHITEHALL BENEFITS represents the most highly regarded disability insurance companies in the nation.


What We Do

  • Group Disability Plans 
  • Supplemental Plans
  • Corporate Carve-outs
  • Individual Policies
  • ‘Own Occupation’ or ‘Own Specialty’ for Superior Coverage
  • Disability Overhead Expense and Disability Buy-out insurance 
  • Represent all Major Disability Carriers
  • Licensed in 49 States

Who We Work With

  • Healthcare companies
  • Medical practices
  • Law Firms
  • Non-profit organizations
  • Private companies
  • Family-owned businesses
  • Individuals

Services We Offer

  • Market surveys
  • Audits of current coverage
  • Enrollment and benefit communication services
  • Individual consultations
  • On-going administrative support
  • Annual reviews
  • Claims assistance

Call us to discuss the best disability plan for your business.